Did you know about these 3 strong women in history? (3/28)

Can you imagine African, American, Caribbean and British history without  strong women? ..Neither can we. 

The Mino - Called Dahomey Amazons by Europeans

The Fierce Female Warriors of the Kingdom of Dahomey, present day Benin.

The Mino, "our mothers" in Fon, were a female military regiment in the Kingdom of Dahomey. Their origins date back to the 1700's with the last remaining Mino passing away in the late 70's.

They were known to fight with extreme valor, were outstandingly brave and were often the last (wo)men on the battlefield. They were known for the swift decapitation techniques that struck fear in the African continent for more than two centuries.

 Mary Prince

The first black woman to relate her autobiography, "The

History of Mary Prince: A West Indian Slave"

Mary Prince (1788-1833) was born enslaved in Bermuda. She was sold several times and ended up in the cruel hands of the Wood's family in Antigua. The family had taken Prince with them to London in 1928, where she was able to escape and live a free life. With the help of abolitionist, Thomas Pringle, she got her autobiography into print, transcribed by Susanna Strickland, which highlighted the brutality of enslavement in the West Indies. This played a key role in shifting public opinion on slavery. She was also the first women to present an anti-slavery petition to the British Parliament.

Sojourner Truth

The first black woman to successfully challenge a white man in the U.S Court.

Sojourner Truth (1797–1883), born Isabella Baumfree, was an early abolitionist and women's rights activist. She was involved with the church and many civil rights issues and became a charismatic speaker, even dictating her autobiography.

She helped enslaved people escape to freedom, helped formerly enslaved people to find jobs and build new lives, recruited a number of black men to the union force, and so much more. She lobbied against segregation, and in the mid 1860s, when a streetcar conductor tried to violently block her from riding, she ensured his arrest and won her subsequent case.


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