Afro-Caribbean Wellness Staples (2/28)

Here's some Afro-Caribbean staples you may want to add to your shopping list!

1. Sorrel

  • Commonly used to treat
    • high blood pressure
    • high cholesterol
    • type 2 diabetes
    • to increase breast milk production
    • Though not enough studies have been done to validate these claims.
  • Health benefits:

    • rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.
    • Contains niacin and folic acid.
    • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

2. Alum Stone

  • Traces back over 4000 years to the North African region.
  • As a natural antiseptic, it is also used to clot the blood and treat common post-shaving skin problems, such as minor cuts and razor bumps.
  • To use, simply wet the stone and gently rub it over the shaved area.
  • Widely used for many things including:

    • astringent
    • hair removal
    • pomade
    • deodorant
    • water treatment
    • medicines and vaccines
    • food preparations (baking powder and pickling)
    • flame retardant
    • leather tanning
    • dyeing textiles
    • Dissolving iron and steel

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